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September 24


Shenzhen Kaisa Team Phase One

she N镇Kai SA team phase one

"Four" key battle is coming


Fans and friends who signed up for the Dalian Expedition


Are the bags and drums ready?


We accumulate strength together


Just waiting to fight with the team...


Brothers on the expedition, please read the following carefully before arriving at the stadium, and carefully complete the health registration and ticket collection procedures as required. Those who fail to follow the arrangement will not be allowed to enter the venue.


Game information


Time: 20:00, September 24, 2020


Event: Dalian People VS Shenzhen Kaisa

event: DA连people VSS很真Kai SA

Location: Dalian Sports Center Stadium


Address: No.699, Lanling, Ganjingzi District, Dalian

address: no.699, LAN另, Gan精子district, Dalian

Ticket purchase and health information declaration process


1. Spectators must download the Damai.com APP and complete personal identity verification before 20:00 on September 22, 2020.

1.观众必须在2020年9月22日20:00之前下载Damai.com APP并完成个人身份验证。

2. Log in to Taobao APP, scan the QR code below, open the official designated link, and fill in personal health information before 20:00 on September 22 (you need to upload the health green code of Liaoshitong or the province where the fans live and the green code of the itinerary Screenshot).


Note: The name, phone number, and ID number must be consistent with the registration, otherwise it will be invalid.


(Please save it as a picture and use Taobao APP to scan the QR code. Scanning with WeChat will not be recognized)


3.9 From 10 o'clock on the 23rd, Damai.com will successively send 0 yuan ticket purchase text messages to fans who have filled in their health information according to the process. After receiving the text messages, please click on the [link attached to the text message] or [directly log in to Damai.com APP search for the 2020 China Ping An Chinese Football Association Super League-Dalian Division Project], select seats and buy tickets.

3.9从23日10点开始,Damai.com将按顺序将0元购票短信发送给填写了健康信息的粉丝。收到短信后,请点击[短信链接]或[直接登录Damai.com APP搜索2020中国平安中国足球超级联赛-大连分区项目],选择座位并购买票。

Note: Can not replace other fans to complete seat selection and ticket purchase. The reserved mobile phone number cannot be repeated. One person matches a mobile phone number and a ticket for the game.


4. After the ticket is successfully purchased, the electronic ticket for the relevant session will be immediately generated in the ID card and the barley ticket holder of the purchaser, and the information content such as the seat of the relevant session will be displayed in the barley ticket holder.


Note: Visitors who have not completed the personal health information in time, please complete the supplementary record of personal health information by 20:00 on September 23.


Admission tips


1. According to the requirements of the competition zone: official fans should enter the stadium uniformly; therefore, all fans who register through the official channels of the Shenzhen Football Club must go to the designated place to gather, and the club will arrange vehicle connections to enter the stadium uniformly.


Note: Fans who go to the stadium on their own will not be able to enter the stadium to watch the game.


2. Pick up location: Dalian Kaisa Plaza South Gate (near Honglin Building)


Gathering time: Before 5:00 pm on September 24 (check-in starts at 4:30)


Note: After arriving at the meeting place, fans should find the staff of Shenzhen Football Club as soon as possible, and after confirming that they have completed the check-in on the Shenzhen Football Fan Platform, they can receive relevant expedition subsidies later.


Sign-in process: Enter [Shenzhen Football Fan Service Platform] (click "Read the original text" below to enter the platform), click [My] at the bottom right of the page, open the column of [My Registration], and look for staff on site to scan Sign in with the code.


3. Contact person for expedition matters: Mr. Li 19928797041, 15600081007.


4. When entering the venue, the security checkpoint will check the identity information, health code, and travel trajectory within 14 days of each entry. Please be sure to bring your ID card, mobile phone (electronic ticket), and wear a mask to enter the venue in an orderly manner.


5. After the game, all official fans must take a unified bus to leave the stadium and return to the south gate of Dalian Kaisa Plaza.


6. In the process of cheering, please watch the game in a civilized manner and cheer with passion; please take away the rubbish when leaving the field, reduce the burden on the cleaners, and obey the unified security command and exit the field.


7. In order to demonstrate the determination and combat effectiveness of the 12th member of the Shenzhen Football Team, we recommend that everyone wear the official 2020 Shenzhen Football Jersey to watch the game. Scan the QR code below to purchase!


Fans who sign up for the event and successfully qualify for the expedition can receive an additional 100 yuan jersey subsidy voucher to purchase the official jersey for the 2020 season.


Spectator promise


1. No fever, fatigue and other symptoms consistent with new coronary pneumonia infection;


2. During the epidemic period, you have not visited or stopped in high-risk areas (including overseas);


3. During the epidemic, they did not have direct contact with persons diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia or suspected persons;


4. During the epidemic, contacted persons in high-risk areas but have met the 14-day medical observation period and are currently asymptomatic;


5. Close contacts of patients who have not been diagnosed as confirmed, suspected, or positively infected patients with new coronary pneumonia;


6. No epidemic occurred in the community where you live within 21 days before the competition day;


I have read the above terms in detail, and I shall bear all the consequences.


Note: The final interpretation right of the event belongs to Shenzhen Football Club.