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Hello, everyone, and welcome everyone to watch the April 5th Morning News of Qiu Di!


The English Professional Players Union issued a statement on behalf of the Premier League players, saying that they did not fully agree with the 30% pay cut measures proposed by the Premier League. The English Professional Players Union believes that the reduction of player wages will result in a corresponding reduction in government taxes, which will have a profound impact on the national medical service system and other government services.


UEFA President Ceferin said in an interview that the deadline for the end of this season's European war is set on August 3.


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In an interview with German TV station ZDF, UEFA President Ceferin set the deadline for the end of the Champions League and the Europa League on August 3, while criticizing Belgium's approach to ending the league early.


On April 5th, Beijing time, the Professional Players Association of England (PFA) issued a statement on behalf of all players in the Premier League, stating that the 30% wage reduction measures will have a significant impact on national taxes and will conduct further negotiations with the Premier League.


According to a report by the Spanish media "World Sport", Barcelona's first vice president Jordi Cardoner (Jordi Cardoner) was diagnosed with the new crown virus, which is the third confirmed case of the Barcelona club.

据西班牙媒体《世界体育报》报道,巴塞罗那首任副总统卡迪纳(Jordi Cardoner)被诊断出患有新的冠状病毒,这是巴塞罗那俱乐部第三例确诊病例。

The epidemic may cause very serious economic losses to the German teams. According to the German football media "Kicker", if the season cannot continue, 13 of the 36 Bundesliga and Bundesliga teams may Will go bankrupt this season.


"World Sport" said that signing Neymar back has always been the focus of Barcelona's transfer work. In order to prevent Neymar from joining Real Madrid, the Barcelona management had promised Neymar to bring him back to Barcelona at the latest next summer window.


Affected by the new crown epidemic, the Australian Premier League has suspended all games. The Shenhua AFC rival Perth Guangrong is experiencing financial difficulties.


"Beijing Youth Daily" stated that the AFC has solicited opinions from relevant member associations on the proposal of "adjusting the AFC Champions League to the game system". The West Asia region currently recognizes this plan, but the Japan Football Association and the Korean Football Association in East Asia still hope to maintain the home and away game system. As the Chinese Super League still has the possibility to start, the Chinese Football Association stated that the relevant proposals need to be closely integrated with the actual situation of the domestic league and other matches.


At present, the issue of Wantong's acquisition of Tianhai and the qualification of Tianhai Super League is the focus of attention of domestic fans. "Xi'an Evening News" reporter He Xiaolong wrote an article that Tianhai's ability to gain access depends ultimately on whether Vantone's qualifications and the details of the transfer contract can pass the Football Association.

目前,万通收购天海的问题和天海超级联赛的资格问题是国内球迷关注的焦点。 《西安晚报》记者何小龙在一篇文章中说,天海能否获得入场权最终取决于万通的资格和转会合同的细节能否通过足协。

According to the "Beijing Youth Daily" news, the Super League will hold a remote online meeting next week to discuss club dividends and review the payment report of last season's Super League foreign referees. The admission of Tianhai and whether to cut wages are not among the issues.


In the summer of 2012, Dutch striker Van Persie transferred from Arsenal to Manchester United, wearing the No. 20 jersey. Recently, in an interview with SidKohliTV, Van Persie stated that his Manchester United jersey number is the most special code in his Premier League career.


Despite criticism from the International Players’ Union, the Belarusian Premier League continues. The first two games of the third round ended yesterday, and the remaining 6 games of this round will start normally. In an interview with ESPN, the secretary of the Belarusian Football Association said that the domestic epidemic situation in Belarus is not severe and they could not find a reason to suspend the league.


In an interview, Dini talked about Manchester United's transfer strategy. He questioned Manchester United's move to let Lukaku go first and then sign Ighalo.


Recently, Ayala, a member of the Argentine team's coaching staff, said in an interview that Messi barely spoke in the national team during the 2006 World Cup, and now his participation in the team has increased a lot.


Recently, Beckham posted his new hairstyle on ins, and he shaved himself bald.


A Liverpool fan has been experiencing symptoms of new crown pneumonia for 21 consecutive days. He suspected that he was infected with the new crown virus while watching Liverpool’s home game against Atletico Madrid. At present, the fan is still in self-isolation at home. He has not been tested for the virus due to the shortage of reagents.


According to "World Sport" news, Messi is one of the three people in Catalonia who donated the most to health and sanitation, and his total donation has exceeded one million euros.